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Poster: Livin' Peace Productions Date: Apr 11, 2007 4:50pm
Forum: audio Subject: songs in wrong order

when i uploaded my tracks to archive it put them all in alphabetical order... how can i get it to list my songs according to track # rather than song name?

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Poster: Telephone Toughguy Date: Apr 11, 2007 6:02pm
Forum: audio Subject: Re: songs in wrong order

EITHER go in and edit meta data and rename each file:


In the file name fields, you may have to wait until the edit sticks and go back in and (re)derive the item...

OR, if that does not work, open the checkout, delete all the tracks and any erivitaives or zipped folders from the FTP folder and rename them as above and then upload them again.

Wait for the edit to stick and hit (re)derive if the tracks do not repopulate.